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Word Crystal update on Itch

I’ve released a couple more tuning fixes to Word Crystal, and V1 is now on Itch. It would be lovely if people tried it out.

Word Crystal Initial Release on Itch

So, I’ve been working on Word Crystal for a while. It’s a word-guessing game, similar to a trendy word guessing game you may or may not have heard of. Mine, however, is in full on 3d with a soundtrack and… Continue Reading →

Brackey’s Game Jam Game

https://dylanbrams.itch.io/i-t-is-not-realAnother Game Jam game. FPS meets puzzle meets deadline meets annoying too-complicated asset. This one is more fun for me, though.

And another new little app

I’ve built another little game; it’s called WordPrism and headed to the various stores shortly.

Release of Duality and Balance

I’ve built another game. (This makes 3 heading out into the world in the last 4 months, which is slow; I’m aiming for one every two weeks and a fix build in the middle) This game is a physics-based balance… Continue Reading →

Jigmath V0.2

I’ve now updated JigMath, adding fixes, removing bugs. Still an Alpha.Additions:Win ScreenNews Feed ReaderSimplified InterfaceEtc.Known Major Issues:1. The second puzzle still detects object clicks for the first, requiring user to try dragging the same piece twice to actually move it.2…. Continue Reading →

And we do a small Friends and Family release to Itch!

Time to fail.So, I’ve been avoiding doing a broad release. I’ve been nervous, and fiddling with the same ten bugs, and not doing what I needed to do, which is pull the trigger and see if anyone:a) Uses my appb)… Continue Reading →

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