Imaginary Component is an independent studio focused on creating puzzle games and educational software.

Founded in 2021 as a family-run studio by Dylan Brams and Lena Dubinsky, the company builds software which blends the psychological benefits of play with digital technologies. Our initial releases are focused on building a toolset and skillset applicable to consumer software. The most notable of these releases is Word Crystal.

Dylan Brams holds degrees in electrical engineering and philosophy, is a skilled glassblower, and is a practitioner of acrobatics and yoga. His technical career includes work with Enterprise sized databases and services, web development, and internal application automation across multiple platforms. His glassblowing practice is a long-term experiment in skill acquisition, with the most notable works focusing on his fifteen-year project to master Italian style glasswork. These works have been exhibited in New York, Washington DC, and Tel Aviv.

Lena Dubinsky has been an instructor at the Bezalel Academy of the Art and Design in Jerusalem, Israel for fifteen years. She teaches courses on ceramic and industrial design, both at Bezalel and as a guest lecturer across Europe. Additionally, she has collaborated on both research and product design with various manufacturers in Europe and Israel. She acquired a degree in Ceramic Design from Bezalel, a Master’s in Multidisciplinary Arts from Tel-Aviv University, and is currently a doctoral candidate at the Computational Archaeology Lab of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.