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Presentation at the Game Dev Guild conference

So, I prepped and presented an hour for the Game Dev Guild conference. (https://guildconferences.com/gdg/) It was about using databases in games programming with Unity. And Base. And SQLite. So I’ve been a bit busy and haven’t updated WordCrystal. The problem… Continue Reading →

New Game for Ludum Dare!

I made a game in 7-8’ish hours. No inherited code, no asset sounds, no asset graphics. The Ludum Dare is a famous game jam, for some reason. It contains a, “Hardcore Mode,” called Comp. Wherein you are expected to build… Continue Reading →

Dev Log, 2022-03-16

So, I’m working on prepping a platform release. Adding achievements. Fixing little bugs as I can find them. Today, I have fixed a bug regarding guess result coloring in WordCrystal. Generally, though, it has been a marginally unproductive day. This… Continue Reading →

Word Crystal Initial Release on Itch

So, I’ve been working on Word Crystal for a while. It’s a word-guessing game, similar to a trendy word guessing game you may or may not have heard of. Mine, however, is in full on 3d with a soundtrack and… Continue Reading →

Brackey’s Game Jam Game

https://dylanbrams.itch.io/i-t-is-not-realAnother Game Jam game. FPS meets puzzle meets deadline meets annoying too-complicated asset. This one is more fun for me, though.

Update Delayed

This feed isn’t being read by anyone yet. I intended to release at least once a week. It’s been 10 days. I’ve been working on core issues, but really this is just a record for me that I’ve fallen behind on… Continue Reading →

It Begins!

So, I’m starting something new here.  I am writing a large game at the moment, but for publicity purposes I aim to publish something to the various app stores once a month for the next six months or so.  The… Continue Reading →

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