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Slowly coming out of stealth mode

I half-built a complicated Vampire Survivors clone. It was fun to play. There were around five VS clones coming out a week by the time I was done with the low-level systems, so I wasn’t willing to put the year… Continue Reading →

Pastiche Time

I’ve been working on something new. My previous attempts at educational games ended up being….. Not Fun. This is a complete failing in a game, so I’ve spent the last month and a half or so (a little less, and… Continue Reading →

Introduction to Databases for Programmers

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eFXHo-QZoT8&t=31s I’ve put together an introductory YouTube video for programmers who want to get started with databases. There are several options and quite a few complicated decisions to make when selecting a specific system for use. This video is targeted… Continue Reading →

Presentation at the Game Dev Guild conference

So, I prepped and presented an hour for the Game Dev Guild conference. (https://guildconferences.com/gdg/) It was about using databases in games programming with Unity. And Base. And SQLite. So I’ve been a bit busy and haven’t updated WordCrystal. The problem… Continue Reading →

New Game for Ludum Dare!

I made a game in 7-8’ish hours. No inherited code, no asset sounds, no asset graphics. The Ludum Dare is a famous game jam, for some reason. It contains a, “Hardcore Mode,” called Comp. Wherein you are expected to build… Continue Reading →

Word Crystal Released on Steam!

So, we’re live on Steam in Early Access! So far, after 22’ish hours, 1,200 people have purchased the game! This is actually a fantastic result, seeing as I didn’t expect anywhere near that many given how little PR I put… Continue Reading →

Word Crystal Release a Go!

So, my Word Crystal release build has been approved on Steam! Press kit link below: Word Crystal Press Kit I’m in the process of fixing minor bugs so the RC is even better polished for my release date: the 30th…. Continue Reading →

Dev Log, 2022-03-16

So, I’m working on prepping a platform release. Adding achievements. Fixing little bugs as I can find them. Today, I have fixed a bug regarding guess result coloring in WordCrystal. Generally, though, it has been a marginally unproductive day. This… Continue Reading →

Word Crystal update on Itch

I’ve released a couple more tuning fixes to Word Crystal, and V1 is now on Itch. It would be lovely if people tried it out.

Word Crystal Initial Release on Itch

So, I’ve been working on Word Crystal for a while. It’s a word-guessing game, similar to a trendy word guessing game you may or may not have heard of. Mine, however, is in full on 3d with a soundtrack and… Continue Reading →

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